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The Best Wine Cooler Drinks In 2024

In 2024, wine cooler drinks are pretty hard to come by. Since the 1980s, their popularity has seen a massive decline, now replaced with seltzers and malt-coolers. I wrote about what caused the decline of our 80s wine coolers in this blog, so I won’t dive into that. Instead, we’re diving into the wine cooler drink for a different reason. If wine coolers have become a bit of a rarity in the wine world, then what are your options for having a wine cooler in 2024? You could make one yourself, I’ve posted my own version of the wine cooler recently. However, that requires more effort than just buying a pre-made wine cooler at the store. So what are the best wine coolers the market has to offer? I’ve compiled a list of, mostly wine coolers, though they may be known as sparkling wines or flavored wines as a whole. Since traditional wine coolers have become a bit of a needle in a haystack, I adjusted the criteria to this list to be anything that delivers a similar experience to the classic wine cooler drink. Even if that means including drinks that aren’t technically known as wine coolers. Now that I’ve got that covered, let’s dive into Wesley’s Top 7 Wine Cooler Drinks. Why top 7 you ask? When I said wine coolers were hard to find now, I meant it. 

1. Girl’s Night Out Strawberry Samba

Now, Girl’s Night Out is technically classified as a flavored wine rather than a wine cooler. That being said, I and many others would claim it’s closer to being a wine cooler. It doesn’t have the bubbliness that the traditional wine cooler drink offers, but don’t let that make you put this one down. This bottle of wine is so intensely flavored that it toes the line between tasting like wine and tasting like a juice. That may turn off the bigger wine fanatics, but Girl’s Night Out still offers a one-of-a-kind flavor experience worth trying at least once. It’s a perfect entry-level drink for beginners, and an alternative to those who don’t typically enjoy wine. Girl’s Night Out offers berry and tropical flavors, but their classic strawberry samba is what reigns supreme for me. Try adding club soda to this one if you want to get the bubbles. 

2. Bottega Lemon Spritz Veneto

If Girl’s Night Out is a drink that can barely be considered wine at times, this Lemon Spritz is on the opposite end of the spectrum. Made with sparkling wine, it offers the bubbly experience Girl’s Night Out doesn’t, and the flavors don’t overpower the wine taste. Rather, the lemon and mint infusions act as a compliment to the wine. If you were turned off by Girl’s Night Out sweetness, then Lemon Spritz will be more your style. 

3. Good Fortune Raspberry Hibiscus

The Good Fortune Raspberry Hibiscus is a must-have on this list. With one of the most interesting flavor profiles on this list, the Good Fortune Raspberry Hibiscus has a mix of fruity and floral notes. This light-bodied wine cooler drink is so light on the stomach with a crisp finish that makes it easy to pop open and pair with anything. In close contention for this spot was Good Fortune’s orange variety of this drink. Nevertheless, both wine cooler drinks hit the mark in flavor while still maintaining its wine base.  

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4. Social Lite Wine Spritz Mixer

This Social Lite Wine Spritz Mixer offers a bit of everything flavor-wise, a great choice if you want a variety of wine cooler drinks to choose from. From peach to strawberry, fruit lovers will likely find themselves gravitating towards this set. Each drink is crisp and refreshing, but flavor-wise, I find myself grabbing the mysterious sangria red option. Despite its vague name, based on the name and flavor, I’d venture to say that the sangria red has flavors of red fruits like raspberry and cranberry. 

5. Izumi Sakepolitan Sake Cooler

This is an interesting, and perhaps cheated, addition to this list, depending on who you ask. But must I remind you that this is my list, and what I say goes! So here we got the Izumi Sakepolitan Sake Cooler. Yeah, doesn’t sound like a wine cooler drink does it? Well, as unique as it is, it still emulates the classic flavors of a wine cooler. I added this drink simply because I think anyone who enjoys wine coolers should try this Japanese twist on the traditional wine cooler drink. Rather than wine, this drink uses a sake base mixed with cranberry juice, lime juice, and Japanese yuzu juice. It’s interesting to taste the way the sake mixes with the sweet flavors, and sake in particular is a great base for drinks like this. Trust me when I say this is worth trying. 

6. Aperol Spritz

If you read my last blog on the wine cooler and tried my little attempt at a wine cooler recipe, this acts as a likely more refined version of that. It’s more wine forward than my recipe and is supported by a far more complex flavor profile, being infused with various herbs. They recommend serving this one with an orange slice, which although I haven’t tried, I have no doubt would be a visual stand out at a party. A squeeze of fresh orange juice isn’t unwelcome here either. 

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7. Muskoka Lakes Cranberry Splash

This drink is organically made by a winery in Muskoka, Ontario. It features wine from grapes grown in Niagara, and cranberries from Bala, the cranberry capital of Ontario. It’s safe to say that this drink is proud of its origins, considering the name, and as it should be! If you couldn’t tell already, cranberry flavors are a favorite of mine when it comes to just about any alcoholic drink. If you’re anything like me, then I assure you this drink is going to hit all the marks. It finds the perfect balance between having a prevalent cranberry flavor while not losing the presence of the wine base. 

Parting Thoughts

If you miss wine coolers like I do, then these drinks can serve as nostalgic beverages to remind you of when things were simple and Ronald Reagan was president. Strangely, Reagan is another talking point from the last wine cooler blog that I’m reapproaching, so I guess that is my sign to let it go. Wine cooler drinks, whether homemade or store bought, are an underrated part of the wine library. Although not as many exist on the market today as they once did in the 80s, there remains a wide, if limited, variety of drinks that can deliver a similar experience to the classic wine cooler. From citrus to berry centric flavors, there’s bound to be something here to suit your tastes. 

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